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There are so many algorithm shifts that people are getting scared about search engines. The fact of the matter is simple, search engine companies are fickle and acting like spoiled children. This may not be a popular view point but let’s think about it for a moment. They implement rules and then when they feel like they aren’t being given the proper elements, they pull the rug and throw a fit. They get mad and with that, they take their toys away and force everyone to fall in line. Like a bad dictator they change the rules as people comply with them, and it forces many people to change their seo strategy yet again. This may not be the way you see it, but when you’re professional working within the world of information technology, especially web design, this becomes a major issue.

Changes By Any Other Name

Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird are all cute names but they all factor in changes that are going to either make or break your seo components. Whether you’ve hired a professional or you’ve been sweating every element on your own, there are several different things that you have to keep in mind when you’re working with the world of optimization. The problems here are varied and will require you to worry a lot more about what you’re doing wrong than what you’re doing right. The latest changes will focus on the shortcuts that you may have gotten away with in the previous updates and will have you scrambling if you did the wrong thing.

Adjusting Your Strategy

SEOIt’s hard to tell the exact changes that are made, because even the foremost expert doesn’t truly know what the algorithm changes really mean. All search engines have their own way of dealing with algorithms and they are the only ones that know the “secret recipe” of seo. So your best bet is to adjust the way you’ve been moving forward and that means that you will need to worry more about the content and the links that you have in place. That means that if you did anything, even a little bit against what is considered white hat, then you will need to stop and change it. That means contacting site links that you posted in bulk, and disavowing everything that may be negatively impacting your rank.

Hiring Professionals

If you have done anything within the realms of seo that you’re not sure of, then it’s time to call in the cleaning crew. There are search engine optimization professionals that will help you build a good case moving forward. They are doing so with a cleaning mentality. They are disavowing links, contact old sites, throwing out old protocol, coming in with new system changes and focusing on building content that will help placate search engine penalties for the future. These are not things that you can do on your own and should not focus on them, instead focus on letting others do the dirty work for you.

The adjustments are hard to quantify. Sure, you could read a lot of blog posts and information on the matter but in the end, you are going to find yourself needing to do more than just adjust a few campaigns here and there. To future proof your site, you will need to adhere to one of the hardest lessons to learn with optimization. The lesson that you need to learn is this, be patient. Even the best optimization campaign that you have in place needs time to mature and if you don’t like it, you will need to adhere to it and that’s it. If you want to gain market share, you need to focus on the right elements and they are all a matter of chasing the right elements, and waiting. The longer you wait, the better the chances of great maturation.